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As a state representative, I will champion best practices and propose reforms within the criminal justice system. Community-led initiatives focused on violence prevention, conflict resolution, and community building will be a priority to create safer neighborhoods. With experience supporting reentry programs, there will be efforts to provide housing, employment assistance, and social support to individuals transitioning from incarceration. Prioritizing evidence-based policies, I aim to address systemic inequalities, including racial disparities in the criminal justice system.


I will support alternatives to incarceration, including diversion programs, mental health courts, and drug treatment courts for non-violent offenders. Additionally, I'll advocate for eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and providing judges with greater discretion in sentencing. This approach will allow for consideration of individual circumstances and rehabilitation prospects, promoting fair and effective outcomes within the criminal justice system.


I will champion policies aimed at improving conditions in correctional facilities by addressing overcrowding, ensuring access to healthcare and mental health services, and reducing the use of solitary confinement. Additionally, I will work to expand educational and vocational training programs within prisons to prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry into society and to reduce recidivism rates. These initiatives are crucial for promoting rehabilitation, enhancing public safety, and fostering successful reintegration into communities.



I will prioritize diversion and prevention strategies to keep youth out of the criminal justice system, including community-based interventions, mentorship programs, educational opportunities, and promoting restorative justice approaches. It's essential to ensure age-appropriate treatment and rehabilitative services for youth involved in the justice system, emphasizing trauma-informed care and positive youth development. By investing in these initiatives, we can provide young people with the support and resources they need to thrive and avoid involvement in the criminal justice system.

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