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As a current elected official and candidate for State Assembly, I am dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing in Wisconsin by championing a multifaceted approach. I will advocate for regulatory measures such as equitable development initiatives and Inclusionary Zoning, alongside financial incentives and community partnerships, to create a more inclusive and accessible housing market. By providing our communities with tools and resources for increasing attainable housing, we can ensure that all residents have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing options. Together, we can remove barriers to housing and work towards a future where everyone can find a place to call home.


As a policymaker, I'll spearhead programs empowering municipalities to prioritize equitable development. This means targeted investments in historically marginalized communities to promote homeownership and foster sustainable growth. By strategically directing resources, we'll address disparities and create opportunities for residents to build generational wealth through homeownership, ensuring inclusive and resilient communities where everyone can thrive.


I will champion promoting collaboration with non-profit organizations and community land trusts to acquire and preserve affordable housing properties. These partnerships will help maintain long-term affordability for Wisconsin residents and working families.



As your state Assembly Representative, I am committed to updating our state laws to allow for Inclusionary Zoning policies. Across many cities outside Wisconsin, such policies have successfully encouraged developers to allocate a percentage of units in new developments as affordable housing, fostering mixed-income communities and expanding the supply of attainable housing.


It's imperative that we prioritize improving tenant protections to safeguard vulnerable populations and stabilize our neighborhoods. This includes implementing eviction prevention programs, enacting rent stabilization measures, and providing legal assistance for tenants facing housing insecurity. By bolstering these efforts, we can mitigate the risk of displacement and create more secure and stable housing environments for all residents.

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