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Conoce a Lisa

I am committed to championing sustainable policies that safeguard our natural resources, drive economic prosperity, and foster a healthier and more resilient Wisconsin for current and future generations. This includes advocating for environmental justice policies that prioritize the needs of communities disproportionately affected by pollution, environmental hazards, and climate impacts. I will work tirelessly to ensure everyone has equitable access to clean air, water, and healthy environments throughout Wisconsin. Whether investing in sustainable and attainable housing or ensuring accessible transportation options across our district and state, prioritizing sustainability is essential for protecting our natural resources, promoting economic growth, enhancing public health, and ensuring a high quality of life for all residents.


I pledge to champion policies that mitigate environmental degradation and address the systemic injustices faced by marginalized communities. This entails advocating for equitable access to clean air, water, and green spaces while prioritizing environmental justice considerations in all facets of governance, from land-use planning to pollution control measures.


Preserving Wisconsin's natural splendor is paramount. I will work tirelessly to conserve our precious lakes, rivers, forests, and wildlife habitats through strategic stewardship and sustainable land-use planning. This involves implementing initiatives that ensure these resources remain bountiful for generations to come.


To combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint, I am committed to supporting a swift transition to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Additionally, I will advocate for enhanced energy efficiency measures across sectors, fostering a culture of sustainability in both residential and industrial domains.



Education is key to fostering a culture of sustainability. I will support robust environmental education initiatives in schools, communities, and businesses, cultivating awareness and empowering individuals to become stewards of our environment. Furthermore, I will foster collaboration between various stakeholders to drive innovative solutions and promote sustainable development across all sectors.

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