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Conoce a Lisa

As a candidate with extensive experience in economic development in Wisconsin, I recognize the vital role that small local businesses play in our economy. As a policy maker, I am committed to championing economic development policies that foster growth, job creation, access to investment capital, and prosperity across our state. I will spearhead initiatives and strategies aimed at promoting collaboration among local governments, businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations to align efforts and leverage resources effectively. Wisconsin is home to numerous businesses and high-tech companies, and I believe in collaborating with them to create jobs and retain diverse talent.


I am dedicated to developing grant programs to support startups, small businesses, and industries with growth potential in Wisconsin. These grant programs will provide crucial financial assistance and resources to entrepreneurs and businesses, enabling them to scale and thrive. Additionally, I will collaborate closely with local chambers of commerce and economic development agencies to ensure that these resources reach those who need them most and are effectively utilized to drive economic expansion in our communities.


I am committed to promoting entrepreneurship in Wisconsin by supporting incubators, accelerators, and funding mechanisms. These initiatives will nurture innovative ideas and facilitate the growth of businesses across our state, driving economic development and creating opportunities for success.



I will advocate for promoting sustainable practices and green initiatives across various industries, including renewable energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. By doing so, we can drive economic growth while safeguarding our natural resources for future generations.

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